Ela Dębska – an actress, composer and primarily an inimitable Polish singer. She graduated from a secondary Music School and the Theatre Academy in Wrocław. During her studies she worked at the Wrocław Opera, with which she toured Italy singing Verdi’s operas. As an actress she played in many films and was also one of the authors of music for these films. He worked with such directors as e.g. Jan Jakub Kolski, Janusz Kondratiuk and Krzysztof Zanussi. She also played in Warsaw theatres. However, it was only in music that she found her place. She delivers concerts where the most important element has come to be her contact with the audience. For many years she cooperated with Maciej Zembaty an eminent personality, a well-known singer and poet, singing ballads of Leonard Cohen. Together they recorded several albums and performed at hundreds of concerts throughout Poland. She regularly performs in Poland and abroad, but no matter in what language she sings she meets with great excitement and her appearances always unfold in a hot atmosphere. Independently, she recorded the single “She’s Gone”, which won over the local radio stations and reached the top of the Cracow Radio charts. It was also presented in Marek Niedźwiecki’s programme “Golden Hits”. She sings with success both covers and her own songs, but always in her own original style.

In November 2012, her long-awaited concert album “I loved you in the morning” appeared, consisting of ballads of Leonard Cohen and Janis Joplin and her own songs. The album was sponsored by Gdañsk Radio.

Discography 2012 The concert album “I loved you in the morning” – Ela Dêbska 2009 The album “Freedom” – M. Zembaty 2008 The single “She’s Gone” – the 1st place in the Cracow Radio Charts 2005 The role of a nurse in the series “The Rose Pension” – directed by M. Wojtyszko 2002 The double album “Songs from a Little Coffin” – M. Zembaty / E. Dêbska 2002 The album “In My Secret… Live” – M. Zembaty / E. Dêbska 1999 The song for the film “Like a Drug” and the role of the singer – directed by B. Sass 1998 The album “Zembaty STGS” 1998 The role of a barmaid in the TV Theatre play “Disneyland” – directed by F. Zylber 1997 Songs for the film “Prostitutes” and the role of the DJ – directed by Priwieziencew 1996 The role of a blonde woman in the film “The Golden Fleece” – directed by J. Kondratiuk 1995 The role of a businessman’ s wife in the series “Success” – directed by Gruber 1994 The role of Olesia in the film “A Miraculous Place” – directed by J.J. Kolski 1993 The role of one of the drug-takers in the film “I Will Rent a Room” – directed by A.Titkow 1993 Ballads for the film “Magneto” and a double role of Linka and Woda – directed by J.J. Kolski 1993 The ballad for the film “Johnnie Waterman” – directed by J.J. Kolski 1992 The role of Julka in the film “A Knacker” – directed by J.J. Kolski cve1 cve2 cve3 cve4